Qmobile - Winning Hearts in Pakistan since 2009


     Hello guys, today i am here to talk about Qmobile, which is Pakistan's NUMBER 1 selling brand. Qmobile is offering gorgeous looking cellphones at cheaper rates nationwide. It has made its place in Pakistan's cellphone industry despite a tough competition with International brands. Not every local cellphone brand ever makes it this far so today i will share with you guys, few reasons why Qmobile has made this far:

1. Innovative Deigns

     I believe the very first reason because of which Qmobile is loved by many people is that Qmobile has the most innovative designs. Looks wise Qmobile gives a very tough competition to even the most expensive cellphone brands. It offers stylish, slim and beyond doubt expensive looking cellphones. 

2. Affordable Prices

     Qmobile offers cellphones at the most affordable prices. The prices of Qmobile cellphones range from 1, 175 PKR - 29,500 PKR. While other brands are very expensive, Qmobile provides its customers with better experience in less price. Yes, price of Qmobile cellphones plays a huge role in the success of this brand but price alone isn't the reason Qmobile is the number 1 selling brand in Pakistan.

3. Understanding customers

     For any business knowing one's customer is the most important thing. One of the best thing about Qmobile is, the company caters to the demands of its customers. They understand the mindset of the masses which is why their customers are loyal and appreciative. 

4. Variety of Cellphones 

     Qmobile offers variety of cellphones with some super amazing specification.  Still there are many people in Pakistan who like to use feature phones which is why Qmobile offers variety of feature phones. Alongside feature phones, Qmobile has a huge range of touch screen cellphones. Touch screen cellphones are also available in different sizes which are built in-order to easily fit in one's hand.

5. Quality Products

     Qmobile cellphones are reliable and are made of good quality. They do not feel cheap in one's hand even though the prices are very cheap. Quality wise it has won many hearts in rural and urban areas in Pakistan. Qmobile customers even claim that Qmobile cellphones are more durable than many expensive cellphone brands they have used. 

     Qmobile has been serving its customer since 2009 and because of the above mentioned reasons and their motto i.e. to work keeping in mind the needs of their customer, Qmobile has made this far and is still going strong. 

     This is all for today, share your experiences with Qmobile in the comments section below and i would love to read them. =)

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