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     Hello guys, today i am here to introduce you all to a mobile application. For all my Pakistani readers, i am sure you are very much aware of Makeup City. If you are living under a rock and are not aware of Makeup City yet, then let me tell you that Makeup City is a beauty retail store where you can find many international makeup, skin-care and hair-care brands under one roof. 

     Makeup City recently launched their mobile application. Makeup City's mobile application is made for the customers so that they can easily connect with Makeup City. There are 13 main categories in the app including these 4 important categories: 'Shop Online', 'Sign up for free loyalty card', 'Deal of the month' and 'Tutorials'. Now i am going to discuss these important categories one by one for better understanding. 

     The first category obviously is the most important one i.e. 'Shop Online'. Through this app you can easily shop online without any hassle. Every product has a photo and price mentioned with it so that it is easier for the customers to select the product and order it. Ordering from the application is very easy as well. The second category is 'Sign up for free loyalty card', through this option you can easily sign up for a loyalty card and that too for free. The third category i.e 'Deal of the month' is an amazing category. All the amazing deals makeup city offers, you can easily find it under this category. Currently, Makeup City is offering two mind-blowing deals which you should definitely check out by downloading this application as they are exclusively made available in this app ! Lastly, the category 'Tutorials' is the most fun category. You can easily find some amazing makeup tutorials under this category and learn from the best Pakistani beauty vloggers.

     This application also helps you locate Makeup City stores in Pakistan if you have no idea where to find the store in your city. It also allows it's customers to leave feedback so that they can improve themselves if needed. Makeup City app surely makes shopping for women so much easier. You can download the app HERE on your android phones and enjoy shopping.

      This is all for today, i hope you found this post helpful. For more please keep visiting. 

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