Rosegal Wishlist 2017


      Hello girls, today i am here to share my wishlist from Rosegal. I am sure you are well aware of this online store. Firstly, i would like to talk about the white collar dress and the vintage midi dress available on the store. 

     The white collar dress shown below is absolutely stunning. I really like the bamboo print on it, black and white is always make a gorgeous combo. This dress can be worn in any weather but it is giving me a more of spring vibe. I would love to flaunt this gorgeous piece. This dress is available on the store for just $30.67.

The below shown vintage midi dress is so pretty that i want it right now. I really like this dress because of the simplicity. The pearl buttons and the cheongsam style is definitely giving it a very elegant look. This dress is valued at just $25.70 on the store.

Let's move onto the shoes section of the store. From the shoes section, i am drooling over the below shown gray trainers.I really like the breathable mesh body of the trainers
 and the solid surface for easy grip. You can buy these trainers for just $26.43 from the store.

So what i am going to share next is something, i will definitely buy. The below shown Rivet crossbody bag is stunning. I really like this crossbody bag in Khaki color and in green color as well. This crossbody bag also has a small pouch inside which you can use as a makeup bag. You can get this bag for just $31.26 from the store. 

 Lastly, i have my eyes on the below shown stainless steel nozzles. This is a 7 piece set of russian nozzles to decorate cake or cupcakes. I have been on a lookout for these, so i am surely getting my hands on these as well. You can get thee nozzle from the store for just $4.83.

This is all for today, i hope you liked this post. Fore more, please keep visiting my site =)

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