How to Download Music for Free ft. Instube


instube, music downloader, video downloader

     Hello guys, i hope you all are well. As someone who loves to watch videos on youtube and on other social media platforms, i try to find different apps which can support not just youtube but also facebook, instagram, twitter etc. Recently i came across an app 'INSTUBE' , while i was looking for ways to download music from youtube. This app has been so helpful, it lets me download music easily from youtube.

    It is not just a music downloader, you can easily download any kind of videos and music and that too not just from youtube but also from Facebook, Instagram etc. It supports 25 sites in total including youtube, facebook and instagram. I previously had 4-5 different apps, one for downloading music, one for downloading youtube videos, one for facebook videos and another for instagram videos but now instube has made my life easy. 

    Being a blogger , i am always out of space in my cellphone because of so many different photos and apps but now because of instube, i have deleted all those useless apps as instube performs multiple functions. As instube is a youtube music downloader as well, it is very easy to download music for free. To dowlaod music for free, follow the below steps:

1) Download Instube on your android phones.

2) Open the app and choose whichever site you want to download music from, i chose youtube.

instube, music downloader, video downloader

3) Play any song or video you wish to download and click the download button shown below.

4) This app will give you different formats in which you can download the song, if you want it in mp3 choose mp3 and if you want a  video choose any mp4 format. 

instube, music downloader, video downloader

5) Your video/audio will start downloading after you choose the format, you can check the file in your downloads. 

     Enjoy free music and videos ;) This is all for today, i hope you all enjoyed this post.  Keep visiting for more entertaining posts.

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