Which Type Of Bike Should You Own? Here’s How To Find Out !


      Think about the bike that was waiting for you under the Christmas tree when you were a kid.  Now, think about the bikes in the Tour de France.  They look very different, don’t they?  That is because different bikes are built for different purposes.  Cruiser bikes, even the best cruiser bikes, will not help you win a triathlon.  Here are the particular features and uses of some of the most popular kinds of bikes:

Cruiser Bikes
     Cruiser bikes are also known as beach cruisers.  As their name suggests, they are designed for riding at low speeds on flat roads or sidewalks.  Their design makes them very stable, as do their wide tires.  The shape of a beach cruiser frame has the rider sitting upright, with the handlebars somewhat below shoulder level.  Because of their stability and their wide tires with lots of traction, they do better in the rain than some other kinds of bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

     Hybrid bikes are so called because they combine features of fitness bikes and of mountain bikes.  Fitness bikes, including racing bikes, have an aerodynamic frame and narrow tires.  They have low handlebars, so that the rider bends forward for greater speed.  Hybrid bikes are faster than cruisers, but they are also more stable than bikes built purely for going fast.  They have wider tires than fitness bikes.  Many hybrid bike owners use them both for commuting to work and for fitness rides on bike trails.  Their mountain bike tires make them suitable for unpaved trail riding.
      There is no single best bike for everyone.  You should choose a bike based on the type of terrain where you plan to ride it.  The other most important factor in your choice of bike is your fitness level.

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