Melissa Bolona as Becky in Michael Winnick's Film 'Malicious'


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Actress Melissa Bolona Plays Becky in Director Michael Winnick's Film Malicious
The film, Malicious, directed by Michael Winnick, is currently in post-production as of May 2017 and will be starring actress and model Melissa Bolona as Becky. The film is a much anticipated horror story that will likely air later in 2017, or possibly 2018. Malicious is just one of the upcoming films to star Bolona as one of its major characters.
melissa bolona     melissa bolona

      Melissa Bolona has been busy taking on various roles since her debut in 2014 as Cindy in The Grace of God. A Connecticut native, Bolona has always been drawn to acting since she was a child, but first completed her university degree, studying abroad in Paris. Since her debut, Bolona has taken on a variety of roles including Lina in Dog Eat Dog opposite of Nicholas Cage, and Amber in The Year of the Spectacular Men. 

melissa bolona

     Malicious follows a story of a college professor, Adam, played by Josh Stewart and his pregnant wife, Lisa, played by Bojana Novakovic who, after a personal tragedy, moves in with Lisa’s sister, Becky. Unfortunately for the expecting couple, the home is haunted by a malevolent entity that takes a liking to Lisa’s pregnancy. The terrified couple enlists the help of Dr. Clark, played by Delroy Lindo, to help de-haunt the house, only to realize that the problem is much more terrifying than then had imagined.

melissa bolona
     The synopsis of the film leaves much to the imagination and we are not clear about the exact role that Becky would play in the haunting. However, the movie is rumored to be a major thriller and Bolona fans will likely not be disappointed by Bolona’s appearance in the film.

melissa bolona

       There have been few actresses who can boast the extensive movie profile of Melissa Bolona and Malicious is just one of the movies that Bolona is due to star in for 2017. To check out a full list of Bolona’s works, check out Melissa Bolona IMDB. You can also keep an eye on the IMDB page.

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