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 Have you ever sat down to a meal and wondered which glass is yours on the table, or which side plate is for you to use? Have you ever had trouble starting or managing a conversation with someone? Or have you ever had the feeling that you’re lacking a certain “zing” to your personality?

      The answer to all your troubles lies in the need for proper Etiquette training, and to fill that gap, just head on over to Lahore Finishing School. At LFS you’ll be offered a complete personality makeover, with courses ranging from Personality Development, Dining Etiquette, Personal Grooming and Makeup, Protocol and Social Graces, to International Culture and Etiquette (and this is just some of what they’re offering).

        The need for a proper Etiquette school in Pakistan is immense, as there is no proper institute teaching even the basic manners and etiquettes. In every developed country and even in many developing countries like our very own neighbor, there are many institutes offering such courses.

      Lahore Finishing School is a unique institute in Pakistan and one worth joining as there’s a lot to be learned and implemented in this regard.  You can opt for either a number of short courses or even go for a full length complete course, as your needs dictate. They have something for everyone.

      To get in touch with Lahore Finishing School just visit their facebook page or their Instagram account @lahorefinishingschool you can even contact them via whatsapp at 03315058119.

This is all for today, thankyou for visiting =) 
Disclaimer: Photos & Text provided by the Lahore Finishing School's team.

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