Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection Volume 1


      Hello lovelies, i was MIA for a long time but now i am back. Today i am here to talk about Al-Zohaib's Anum lawn collection volume 1. As summer is almost here , i am sure all the Pakistani ladies out there are already stocking up their cupboards with the latest lawn collections. 

     Al- Zohaib textiles is a good quality brand. They use an array of colors in their collections. Their collections are usually a mix of both traditional and contemporary styles. Their lawn collection 2018 comprises of several collections , one of which I am most excited about is Al-Zohaib Anum lawn.

     Al-Zohaib's Anum Lawn 2018 collection is stunning. All the dresses in this collection are not just stunning but elegant as well. In summers lively colors look really good and this Anum collection is full of dresses which look very lively because of the colors used in them. This collection is also glamorized by the contrasting patterns. The best part about this collection is that all the dresses have beautiful good quality lawn dupattas.

      Al-Zohaib textiles has launched three volumes of Anum lawn , which means you have a huge variety of dresses to choose from. I would really suggest you people to check out Al-Zohaib Anum lawn collection volume 1 because it is really worth checking out. 

     This is all for today, i hope you liked this post. please leave your suggestions/comments in the comment section below, i would love to read them. Thankyou.

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