Makeup tools, bags and products wishlist ft. Zaful


     Hello lovelies, i am back again with another wishlist. As i am a makeup enthusiast, i keep on buying and trying new makeup products. Today i am here to share my makeup related wishlist with you guys. As you all know that Zaful is an online store which has all sorts of stuff available including clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup products.

      If you are someone who loves  makeup , i am sure you must love makeup tools as well. If chosen the right makeup tools, you can achieve a perfect makeup look even if your makeup products aren't that high quality. A makeup tool which makes a huge difference in the end result of your makeup look is an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler alone can make a huge difference. Eyelashes when lifted and curled up gives the entire face a fresh and more awake look. The above shown eyelash curler are a must have for all makeup enthusiasts out there.

     Talking about makeup tools, we must also talk about makeup brushes. To achieve a perfect makeup look one must have good quality makeup brushes. A makeup brush which has soft bristles, makes blending of the makeup easier. The above shown two sets of makeup brushes are must haves for makeup junkies. The oval brush set is a brush set for the face whereas the mermaid brush set is not just aesthetically pleasing but it is also great for eye makeup.

     Now that we have talked about makeup tools, let's talk about makeup products as well. For me personally eyeshadow palettes are a must have in my makeup bag. The above shown eyeshadow palette has 25 eyeshadows. All the shades are super pigmented and can be used to create many different eye-looks. The fact that this palette has 25 different shades but is only priced at 8.19$ is mind blowing. On Zaful you can not just buy an entire eyeshadow palette but you can also buy a single eyeshadow online.

    Now that we have talked about makeup tools and makeup , how can we not talk about makeup bags? Makeup bag is a must have for me for sure. Makeup bags keep all the products safe in one place especially when you are on the go. The above shown makeup bag is super cute. It is a 3D cosmetics print makeup bag. It is available in few other colors as well. What i like the most about this bag is that it is spacious and is valued at just 8.44$.

     This is all for today, i hope you liked this post. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below and i would love to read them.

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