For all the lovely bloggers out there, if you want to be featured here on my blog,please email me at, or inbox me on fb/insta, whatever is easy for you.


1) I will share an icon of your blog (size 301 x 99 px) with the link:

2) It is upto you to decide for how long you want to be an affiliate.

3) It will be a mutual favour. I will share your icon, so you will have to share mine =)

4) I will give your blog a shoutout once on my instagram account  (1000+ followers).


1) If you are a company PR and you have sent some product/items for review, you will  get a  detailed separate post, where i will review the products. Posts can vary, i might do separate post for every product.

2) I will share the blog post on all my social media accounts.

3) Paid posts are also accepted.

4 ) If you wish to advertise your store or business im my blog's sidebar, you can email me and we can discuss it further =)

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