Ponds White Beauty Daily Anti Spot Fairness Cream


Hello everyone =))

        My first review...woohoo !! 

So today i am reviewing Ponds White Beauty Daily Anti Spot Fairness Cream .Growing up,i always had ponds products at my home. I never liked them,as i always found them to be very oily.My skin is easily prone to pimples,still LAST WEEK i tried this cream as it says "Anti spot". Risk? Yup, for me it was !! After reading many good reviews about this cream, i thought of giving it a try. One thing i like about this cream is that it comes in two packages,25 g and 50 g...the question whether it will suit my skin (combination skin w/ +few oily T-zones + a lot of acne marks) or not,i went on and bought the 25 g one.

What POND'S say about this cream :

 This fairness cream works from the inside-out with non-oily, light feel. INSIDE: with GenWhite active ,absorbs deep to fade away spots and dullness at the source, and Anti-Oxidant Lightening action on dark circles. Outside: Discover fairness that glows.

My Experience:

Recently, Pond's relaunched this particular cream with better ingredients. I started using this cream last week,and to my surprise Pond's formula really have evolved.Ponds White Beauty 25 g cream comes in a tube and the 50 g one comes in a small jar. The packaging of this cream is pink,so is the cream color.

I love how this cream smells so good.The texture of this cream is also very soft and smooth. When i applied this cream on my face,i didn't feel the heaviness,which most creams have when applied.So one thing great about this cream is that it blends in with my skin tone.

I have read many comments/reviews saying that this cream would not look good on people with dull complexion,umm....i don't really agree with that,as the cream does get absorbed by the skin because of the very creamy texture which doesn't give a ghostly look (only when the right amount of cream is applied). 

A week have passed since i first started using this cream,and i am really seeing a difference on my face. My skin have become a little clearer...and i can see a little color on my cheeks as well. This cream did not cause any breakouts on my face (actually it depends on the skin type,so your experience might be different). I would definitely  recommend this cream for people with combination skin.It's travel friendly,affordable and it really works (Not a miracle,but produces great results).

Would i buy this cream again?

        A BIG YES !


25 g for Rs 99 only
50 g for Rs 220 =))

I really hope my first review was helpful. Have you guys tried this product? Share your reviews below =))

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