What's new on beautorgeous world - Winter '15


     Hello guys, i am back with a post. Firstly i apologize for not being much active here , if you have read my previous post, you probably know why (whispers "Thesis & Hifz"). I was also down with fever for more than a week =(.

     Today i will start by telling you guys why i have named this post as "What's new on Beautorgeous World". I have named this post this, because i have decided that after every 1,2 or three months i'll be sharing stuff related to fashion with the same title but different months here on my blogwa =p

     Let's begin !! The first thing i bought for myself last month (Dec 2015) is this poncho, which i bought from Breakout. This poncho costed me 2,600 PKR and i am absolutely in love with it, especially because of it's fur collar.

  I also bought two shirts for myself from Warda. That day i wasn't liking anything from any brand. But in the end i ended up buying two shirts from Warda,which i do most of the time. I like their designs in comparison to other brands. I forgot how much these shirts costed me, i guess they were in the range of 2000 each. Below are the clicks of front & back of the shirts which i bought.


     Now i am going to share the clicks of the shoes i bought from Stylo. I bought two pairs of pumps in December '15 and a single pair of boots in Jan '16. I am telling you the month and year, as i bought the pumps in december, in their actual price, which was 1,590 pkr each. Whereas i bought boots in Jan '16 on sale and it costed me 2600 PKR.

     I also bought a Long Jacket/Gown (i don't know what it is called) from Generation on sale. It costed me 1,300 PKR.

     This is all i bought. I also bought some stuff for my home, which includes a Comfortor, Oven , Frame, bedsheet etc. This post is only for fashion and is already so long that i don't want to put that all in here. I am only sharing a sneak peak of the frame i bought from Illusions to hang right above my bed. I will be showing you the frame and how it looks in my room , when i actually do hang it up =p Here's a sneak peak of it =)

     This is all for today, i hope you guys enjoyed the post. Leave your suggestions on how can i improve my posts or anything you want to say to me about my posts, in the comments section below. I would love to read it. Thankyou so much, i really appreciate you being here =)

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  1. A very nice post Zehra. Loved your shopping and all the stuff u got. The same boots my mum got from stylo too :) i would have got a pair too but apparently stylo doesnt do boots in my size :P

    1. Thankyou so much love <3 awww, same problem is faced by my younger sister , but no problem naa...there are many other brands out there =)

    2. Wowww these boots are to die for😍 the black pumps and that poncho's fur collar 👌 fabulous haul and i loved how you came up with the new idea of this post Well thought 👌😍😘

    3. Thankyou so much @hira , i really appreciate your comments <3 <3

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  4. i loved ur haul specially the prints of warda and boots, same is the problem with me as mishal face :P , i often buy my boots from bata, tho they offer large size :P

  5. Lovely haul dear, everything is so good, I also buy from warda and like their designs a lot.


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