Latest Ladies Watches Collection 2016


     Hello lovelies, how are you all and how's Ramadan treating you? Alhumdulilah my Ramadan is going great =)

     Today i am going to talk about Ladies Watches. With growing trend of  sun glasses in women , ladies watches have also become a new trend in Pakistan. Watches say a lot about a person, they are a symbol of status and style. Nowadays women can choose watches from a vast variety of ladies watches available in market. For professional ladies, professional watches are also available.

     Many brands have come up with gorgeous designs for ladies watches for example: Michael Kors, Dior and many more. Among many brands, Tissot brand has some breathtaking designs, which are really feminine and beautiful. 

     Above shown Tissot  Ladies Watch Price in Pakistan is just Rs 899 !! With this gorgeous design, Rs 899 is such a good deal. The material used in this watch is Alloy whereas the golden colour and those tiny diamante  has given it a feminine and elegant touch.

     If you are a girl who likes girly watches there is a lot of variety of watches for you as well. Girls watches comes in all colors and prints. If you easily get bored with wearing same watch everyday, you can buy an interchangeable watch set and enjoy wearing different colored watch everyday.

    Whenever you are buying a watch, buy a watch which reflects your personality rather than buying a watch which doesn't suit your personality at all. According to the latest trend of ladies watches, go for feminine designs and not huge manly designs as they tend to look old fashioned.

    Among these watches, leather strap bracelet watches are also trendy.They look absolutely girly and stylish. Leather strap bracelet watches are for sure wore by most of the girls in 2016 as they are basically two in one, a bracelet and a watch. 

     What kind of a watch do you like wearing?  Leave your comments below, i would love to read them. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Till next time , take care lovelies =)