Be Plain's Products Review


Hello lovelies, i am back with another review. Today i am here to review products from a brand called Be Plain. 

About the Brand

Be Plain is a korean cosmetic brand and they aim to seek essential ingredients for real life results. Be plain promises to customize treatments for unique skin problems and never use harmful ingredients even if they generate noticeable effects. 

The two  products i am going to review from Be Plain today are:

1. BHA Peeling Ampoule
2. Cicaful Ampoule


The outer cardboard packaging of the products is pretty simple whereas the products themselves comes in frosted glass bottles. The product itself can be taken out from the bottle with the help of the dropper. I enjoy products which comes with a dropper as it is not just easy to use but is also very hygienic.


      In this time n age, i am sure all of you are well acquainted with the term/ingredient BHA. If not, kindly do check out my insta post HERE , i have briefly explained BHA there, i hope you find it helpful.

BHA peeling ampoule by Be Plain is a highly concentrated ampoule for home peeling filled with BHA and green tea water. It has 80 percent of green tea water and 2,200ppm BHA.

This product is designed to get rid of excessive rough and dry skin with mild exfoliation. According to the brand , this product is suitable for all skin types. 

How to Use

To use this product, adjust your skin's ph level with the help of a toner. After letting the toner sink into your skin, apply this ampoule evenly on your face only in evenings.

My Verdict

I have been using this BHA ampoule for a month now. This ampoule has a watery consistency and has no smell at all. To checkout the consistency of this ampoule checkout my latest Instagram post . I apply this ampoule during the evening time because BHA's does make skin a little sensitive hence it is recommended to avoid sunlight exposure when using BHA. Ampoules are mostly milder versions of serums. As this is also an ampoule it is very gentle on skin. I have sensitive skin so i prefer products which are gentle on my skin otherwise my skin becomes blotchy. I have been enjoying this product on and off for the past month because it helps my skin get rid of dry n dead skin whenever i need it. The results are not so prominent because it also caters to people who have sensitive skin like me. If you are someone who uses higher level of BHA, this product might be mild for you. For me it does what it claims, which is to get rid of dry/dead skin.  Sometimes I apply this ampoule at night and i wake up to the most softest and smooth skin.


Cicaful Ampoule by Be Plain is a highly concentrated nutritional ampoule composed of over 84 percent Centella Asiatica extract for skin recovery.

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica is a herbaceous plant. It is found in many skincare products because of its anti-oxident properties. It is a hydrating ingredient to soothe upset skin.

    Similar to the BHA ampoule the texture of this product is also watery, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and sinks into the skin very easily. This ampoule has no smell at all which is really amazing.

This product helps to manage redness, prevent acne and ease skin irritation. It is suitable for all skin types. 

How & when to Use

Apply evenly on skin on mornings and evenings. 

My Verdict

I sometimes use this product alone in the morning and sometimes mix it with my foundation to help my foundation glide smoothly. This ampoule surely helps calm down my skin. I use this especially on days when i feel my skin is irritated or is on the verge of breaking out. This ampoule really calms down my irritated skin and actually helps settle the redness down. This ampoule also helps my skin stay smooth, hydrated and soft.

Final Thoughts

       I find Be Plain's products effective and safe to use. I like how both these ampoules are super useful especially for people who have dry and acne prone skin. Among the two ampoules it is difficult for me to choose one as my favourite as both of these ampoules are helping my skin stay clear and smooth. Overall i am very impressed by this brand. 

     This is all for today, i hope you find my review helpful. Thankyou for visiting.