DIY- Lip Balm


Hello Everyone,today I'll show you how to make a lip balm at home =))

Let's begin with the ingredients :

1)Petroleum Jelly
2)Lipstick/Eye shadow
4)Tissue Paper
5) Any dry cream/lotion

The first step is to take one teaspoon full of petroleum jelly and transfer it into a microwave safe container.Then put some lipstick/eyeshadow into the petroleum jelly with the help of a toothpick.

Then with the help of a toothpick put some dry cream/lotion into the container and then mix the ingredients =)) (Sorry i forgot to take the picture of the cream,just take a toothpick tip full of cream )

After mixing put the container into the oven for 1 min =)) Then safely take out the container with the help of a handkerchief. (Please don't burn your fingers). Pour the liquid into the container you want to put your lip balm in. (Pour it as soon as you take it out of the oven,otherwise it will dry out in the oven safe container).

Lastly, put the lip balm in the refrigerator for few mins. And... you are done =)) Take the lip balm out of the refrigerator and use it on your lips =)) You can also use it as a blush on your cheeks =))

I really hope my post was helpful . Have you tried making this at home? If yes ,do share your experience below =))

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