A Guide for Buying Makeup Brushes


Hello lovelies, today i am going to tell you what to keep in mind or consider when buying Makeup Brushes. Makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup itself. Makeup brushes are available in variety of materials,shapes and sizes, online and in stores. Always consider below mentioned points when buying makeup brushes:

  • Buy only quality brushes as they can be used for multiple purposes. Good qu ality brushes doesn't mean you need to buy expensive ones, sometimes some expensive brushes are worse than cheap priced ones. 
  • Five most important brushes you need to have in your makeup kit are : Foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, shadow brush and brow brush.  Many people use their hands for applying makeup, hands can work too but makeup brushes definitely give a more professional look.

  • Always check the build of the brush by feeling the bristles. If the bristles of the brush are frayed or break when you feel them, then don't buy such brushes as they are made up of cheap quality.
  • Always buy brushes which feel soft upon touching because if they are stiff, you will feel uncomfortable while using them.
  • When buying brushes always consider what you want to use them for , for example blend powder, create a thin line etc. and then buy brushes accordingly.
  • Buy domed shaped brushes if you want softer application and want it to pick less pigment.
  • Nowadays you can get every type of brush , if you want you can get brushes which are cruelty free or even  environment friendly.
  • If you travel a lot , you can also consider buying travel brush sets rather than individual brushes.
  • Always keep trying different brands so that you may know what works for your hand size and application method.
     These are all the points you need to keep in mind while buying makeup brushes. It is true that makeup brushes are available in vast varieties but always remember to buy Quality brushes. For your ease you can order Makeup & Cosmetics Online . This is all for today, i hope my post was helpful. Please leave your comments below , i would love to read them =)