Stylewe - Website review & Wishlist


     Hello guys, i am back with another post. Today i am going to talk about another online store i came across which is . Stylewe is an online store which sells individual designers' clothes to customers. They do not just deal with designer clothes , they also have a huge variety of bags, shoes and accessories. 

     They provide high quality clothing for women to their customers and leave them satisfied. They also offer hassle free returns or exchanges if the customer is not satisfied somehow. Plus they keep their stock updated with latest fashion trends. Their aim is to have a stock of different styles so that their customers can find clothes according to their taste and style.

     Stylewe also provides free shipping over $60 shopping. Website design of this store is also user friendly and easy to browse through. Stylewe is offering some amazing products which is why i have made my wishlist from the store and today i am going to share it with you guys.

Dark Blue A-Line Coat

     The very first product which caught my attention was this Dark blue A-Line coat. This gorgeous coat looks so royal and i would love to wear this beauty. It has buttons in front and stand up collar which looks so elegant. The best part is that it is A- Line which gives it a dress kind of look. This gorgeous coat can be worn over a simple t-shirt just for the sake of wearing something underneath as the t-shirt won't actually show.You can buy this coat HERE .
Grey plain long sleeve mini dress

     This dress is super chic and amazing for this time of the year. In winters such warm dresses keeps you warm plus makes you look stylish and trendy. This dress has a turtle neck and is stretchy so it can be worn by woman of any size and shape. You can buy this dress HERE .

Stripes long sleeve casual crew neck sweater

     This sweater is knitted and is super trendy these days. It can be worn casually anywhere. For this season such sweaters are comfortable yet stylish. I have a cupboard full of such sweaters as they keep me warm and are not at all bulky.  You can buy this sweater HERE .

Navy blue cocoon long sleeve midi dress

     This dress just took my breath away when i saw it. This dress is something i would definitely wear. I would pair this dress with white pants , you can wear it as it is as well if you prefer. Denim kinda shirts and dresses are in fashion these days and you can see almost everyone wearing it.  Though this dress is plain it still looks very stylish. You can buy this dress HERE  .

Twist lock small PU top handle cross body bag
     This cute little cross body bag is definitely a treat for the eyes. Though this bag is also available in other colors but in this pink color it is looking girly and cute.This bag is made of polyester and is embossed which gives it a very impressive look. You can buy this cutie HERE .

     For more information visit Stylewe website or their Instagram .

     This is all for today, i hope you liked this post .Your comments will be highly appreciated. For more please keep visiting my blog =)