Born Pretty Store Package 4 - Review & Photos


Hello guys, i am back yet again with another post. Today i will be sharing my latest Born Pretty Store Haul with you guys. You can checkout my previous haul posts HERE , HERE and HERE . You can check below what i got from the amazing store this time and what are my thoughts on them. 

Imitation Pearl Bracelet 

This beautiful bracelet is beyond stunning. I  cannot take my eyes off of it. The design of this bracelet is very elegant and would look beautiful on anybody's wrist. This bracelet has white imitation pearls with golden chain which would compliment bright printed shirts or white kurta and jeans. You can get this bracelet  HERE  for just 3.49$.

Rhinestone Studded Heart Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet has heart shapes at both ends , one end is studded with rhinestones and the other end has a small golden heart. I feel this bracelet is simple yet charming. The heart shapes surely gives the bracelet a girly and stylish look.   It looks beautiful with any kind of clothes i wear. I can wear it casually as well as formally. You can get this bracelet  HERE  for just 1 .29$.

Long Handled Makeup Brush 

     When i saw this brush online, i thought it was a huge foundation brush as the title suggested but when i read the comments and saw photos , i realized it is a small brush. I opted for this brush because i felt it would act as a great eye makeup blending brush. When i received the brush i was beyond happy because the brush is exactly as i wanted it to be.The bristles of the brush are thick and strong. It is an amazing blending brush and because of the pointed end it is amazing for eye creases as well. You can get this brush  HERE  for just 2.63$.

6 Pcs Stainless Steel Nozzles

      As you all might already know that i am a big time foodie and i love to bake so when i saw this nozzle set on the site i had to order it. I ordered the set without realizing that the size of this nozzles is very small. As i already own nozzles with diameter of 1 to 2 inches, it was stupidity on my part. Also the photo i saw on the store because of which i ordered had completely different nozzles which i wanted. Whereas the ones i got were completely different. I believe they send nozzles randomly. 




     Anyways, after receiving the nozzles i wasn't disappointed, I am quite satisfied with them. Firstly because they are made of stainless steel (mine are plastic) and are of very good quality. Secondly they came with a plastic coupler which is helpful in changing nozzles easily while working. You can get thes nozzle set  HERE  for 7.26$.

     Good news for all you people out there, the store gave me a 10%  off  coupon code  RHOT10  for you all , it is valid at any time  for  any  non-discounted items on the website, happy shopping =)))

For more information please visit Born Pretty Store Instagram pages HERE and HERE . This is all for today, i hope you liked the post. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and highly appreciated =)