Born Pretty Store Package 3 - Review & Photos


     Hello guys, i am back with another Born Pretty Store haul. Checkout my first two hauls HERE and HERE .  


     As usual my package was well protected with layers of bubble wrap.  Thankfully, none of the products were damaged or scratched during the shipping.


     This time around i chose two hair ornaments and three jewelry pieces. While ordering the jewelry pieces , i had many doubts as i never like jewelry in golden color. Though all three pieces were looking beautiful on the site i was quite worried that they won't look good. I am so happy that all the jewelry pieces are exactly as i wanted. 


Gold Maze Design Hollow Out Bracelet

    This bracelet reminds me of egyptian style cuffs which looks amazing. It looks beautiful in one's arm. It is a hollow out bracelet which means it can be worn by anyone but i believe it won't look good on chubby arms. It is made of fine quality and will look great with any outfit especially in black color. You can get this bracelet from HERE  for just 2.68 $.

Rhombus Design Finger Ring Bracelet

     This finger ring bracelet is of good quality, it has no scratches or faded polish. It looks absolutely stunning in one's hand. It is also available in silver color but i think it looks stunning in golden color. This piece has an intricate design which gives it a very expensive look. You can buy this piece HERE for just 2.43$ .

Geometric Triangle ear studs

     As i said in my previous haul post, i absolutely love everything with a marble texture. These studs are super cute and girly. The marble texture has given these studs such an elegant look. They will look great with any kind of outfit i am sure.They can be worn casually as well, as they don't look out of place or anything because of the small design. You can buy these studs from HERE for just 3.02$ .

Volumizing Hair Bump

     This volumizing hair bump set came with two hair bumps. These bumps are used to bump up the volume of your hair. Both of these bumps are of large size , one is a bit smaller than the other but not as small as to be used for the front puff. This set is easy to use. Though these hair bumps are made of plastic but they are sturdy and holds the grip. These hair bumps comes in handy especially when you need to attend a wedding and you want your hair to have more volume. You can buy this hair bump set from HERE for just 0.99 $.

Hair comb with leaves and tassels 

     This hair comb is available in just one color which is golden. It has a very intricate design which looks super elegant. It looks beautiful especially with a messy hair bun. The combs stays put and grips on the hair very easily. I absolutely loved the design of this hair comb with leaves and tassels. You can get this hair comb from HERE for just 4.49$. 

     This is all for today , i hope you guys liked my post.   Here's a 10% discount code for you all so that you can enjoy shopping from  Born Pretty Store   even more.