Banggood - Introduction and Wishlist


     Hello lovelies , i am back with another exciting post. Today i am going to introduce you to another online store which is Banggood . Banggood is an online retailer based in china. It provides a wide variety of products with best prices and highest quality products. Banggood delivers worldwide so to all my Pakistani readers you don't have to worry about the shipping. They also have the best customer service which makes sure that all of their customers are satisfied. has a very interactive and user friendly website.  This online store has 15 categories in total  which are very easily accessible. As Banggood has been in this business since 2006 they have not taken their success for granted and tries to provide their services with full responsibility.

     Today i am not here just to introduce you to the online store but i am also going to share my wishlist from as i am very impressed by all the products they are offering.

1. Inalis Pearl Zircon Irregular platinum plated ring:

     This beautiful ring is platinum plated and has a very unique design which made me notice it. The pearl at one end and small rhinestones on the other end has given this ring a royal look. You can get this ring HERE for just 8.85$.

2. Glass Ball flower round earrings:

     These breathtaking earrings are available in six colors on the website but this pink one called out to me and I couldn't resist adding it  to my wishlist. These stunning earrings have a very unique yet mesmerizing look to them. You can get these beauties HERE for just 3.99$.

3. Stainless steel Analog Quartz wrist watch:
     This stunning wrist watch has rhinestones all around its clock which has given this watch a very appealing and feminine look. This wrist watch simply looks beautiful in this rose gold color so i had to add this in my wishlist as well. You can get this wrist watch HERE for just 4.99$.

4. Women vintage crocodile veins handbag
     While going through the huge variety of handbags has to offer, this handbag in particular grabbed my attention. This is the kind of handbag i would love to carry. This bag has a beautiful design and the fact that it is available in my favourite color I had to add this in my wishlist. This handbag is available HERE for just 18.11$.

5. Casual leather loafers:

     These stylish yet casual loafers are absolutely stunning. They are sparkly still elegant and classy. I like how they give a cool chic look. These loafers are available HERE for just 21.86$.

6. Casual lace up loafers

  These  beauties have also made their way on my wishlist. These lace up loafers are available in three colors but they look so girly and cute in this pink color.  These loafers are available HERE for 28.47$.

7. Ladies knitted cotton cap

     In winters anything warm automatically goes into my wishlist as i like being warm and cozy. This cap is hand knitted and i feel it will be warm as well. You can get this cap HERE for just 9.98$.
8. Tassel and star earrings

These cute earrings are girly and trendy these days. These earrings can be worn casually as well as formally. You can get these earrings HERE for just 4.66$.

9. Stripe Cotton Socks

I am a person who loves socks. Especially in winters i don't even go a day without socks. I have my drawer full of colorful socks so i had to add these beauties in my collection. You can get these socks HERE for just 3.98$.

     This is all for today i hope you liked this post. For more information on Banggood, please visit .