Palmat by Practk - Review and Photos


     Hello guys, today i am going to be reviewing Palmat by Practk . Firstly let me introduce you to the company , Practk is created by the innovative founders of Sigma Beauty. Practk offers easy to use and budget friendly beauty tools. 


      Practk recently launched their Palmat, which is a 2 in 1 brush cleaning tool which deep cleanse our brushes to keep them free of germs and bacteria. 

My verdict:

     Packaging: My Palmat came in a box, when i opened the box i found a guide and something packed in a soft paper. I opened the soft paper and found the mat covered in plastic packing. Packaging kept the product safe and can be used for keeping the Palmat safe after the use as you can just slide it open.

     Product: Palmat is very easy to use and is made of high grade silicone. It can be worn on the hand or can be used on the sink because it has suction cups at the back. When wearing it on hand it allows you to adjust the straps according to the size of your hand for control cleaning. Because of the small portable size it is travel friendly as well.

The textured sides of the Palmat makes the brush cleaning very easy. It removes all the buildup and bacteria from the brushes and leaves the brushes clean and soft. The large textured side is used for the face brushes where as the small textured side is used for eye brushes. 

How to use:
Step 1: Take the brush which needs cleaning.

Step 2 : Add any brush cleanser on the Palmat . I have used my face cleanser instead of brush cleanser as it works absolutely fine. 

Step 3: Rub your brush bristles against the Palmat and see the Palmat work its magic. 

Step 4: Run the brush and mat under water for thorough cleaning. 

Step 5: Let the brush dry by keeping it on the sink with its head in the air so that it can dry.
Palmat is avaiable online at 

           Only 9.95$    


I am absolutely loving this Palmat , i didn't own a brush cleaning tool before so this is like an amazing gift for me as my brushes can be easily cleaned now. This is all for today, i hope you liked my review. For more please keep visiting my blog =)