GeartBest - Black Friday Sale


      Hello guys, yesterday i talked about an online store . If you don't know about , you can read my online store introduction post  HERE .  Today i am going to talk about the amazing deals they have out for their Black Friday customers. This Black Friday everything is just bigger and better than last year. 
    Black Friday is considered to be the biggest shopping festival all over the world. GearBest is offering some great deals, discounts and some amazing coupon codes this year on Black Friday. They are currently having Pre-sale which started on 21st nov and will end today i.e 24th Nov. 

    After this Pre-Sale they will be having Black Friday Sale which will start from tomorrow onwards i.e 24th Nov and will end on 28th Nov. Below i am going to share some amazing GearBest offers and deals with you guys:

     You can claim your coupons for Black Friday and enjoy some amazing discounts. These coupons can get you upto 80% off. There are four types of coupons offered by GearBest which are: Panic Buying Coupons, Brand Coupons, Category coupons and some other coupons as well.

    Yes, GearBest is not just offering coupons and discounts , they are also providing easy ways to win yourself some amazing gifts. They have organized this amazing activity for their customers: you get to play the popular King game and if you win it , you can claim your prize. To play this game you don't have to spend money or anything like that, it is totally free, you only have to make an account on the website to play the game.

    Another good news for the GearBest customers is that for the first 5000 customers you can get extra 2% off on all your orders above 50$ if you will pay through PAYPAL. So basically if you have 2 orders , you will get 2% off on both orders.  I don't think it can get any better than this. Enjoy shopping at GearBest on Black Friday and save your money. 

    This is all for today , i hope this post was helpful , for more please keep visiting =)