Gearbest - Website review and my Wishlist


    Hello guys, i am back with another store review for you guys. Recently i came across an online store and really enjoyed scrolling through all the categories. GearBest is an online store which does not just focus on one or two categories , it has a wide selection of categories including clothes,makeup,gadgets, home appliances etc.

     GearBest brings everything in one place for its customers. Right now because of Black Friday they are offering some amazing deals which everyone needs to check out. This online store has a very user friendly website where you can search and buy anything very easily.

    All of the products available on the store are of good quality and super cheap. Though all of the products are super cheap they still offer upto 70 percent off on many products.They also provide 45 days money back guarantee on all of their products as well.

     Now i am going to share my wishlist from with you all. It is really difficult to choose favorites when all of the products look great. Here's my wishlist:
      The first product i have chosen is this oval brush set. I have heard a lot of hype about these oval brushes, though they are dupe of the original idea but i thought i should give them a try. You can buy this brush set HERE for just $4.39.

    The second product i have chosen is this Oblique Zipper Jean Jacket. This Jacket is amazingly designed and it would look great over anything and everything. You can buy this Jacket HERE for just $30.44.

    Another pick of mine is this Faux leather vintage backpack. This backpack is available in 5 colors but this color just took my breath away, i had to put it in my wishlist. You can buy this backpack HERE for just $22.37.

     Last but not least i have chosen these stylish lace up and rivet design sneakers. I absolutely love everything which is in white. These babies are  stylish and girly so they had to be in my wishlist. You can buy these sneakers HERE for just $21.52.

     This is all for today, I hope you liked my post, for more keep visiting my  blog =)