Chocolate cake with Oreo cream middle - Recipe and Photos


     Hello lovelies, a week ago i made a moist Chocolate cake with Oreo cream middle. Today i am sharing my recipe with you guys, i hope you like it. This cake has a soft texture and has a delicious Oreo cream layer in the middle =))

Ingredients For Cake:

2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter
2 eggs
4 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tsp baking powder
6 tbsp oil
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp vinegar
1 cup milk


1. Beat butter until fluffy in one bowl .
2. Blend sugar and milk in a separate bowl until sugar is dissolved.
3. Add milk & sugar mixture,eggs, oil and vinegar in the butter and mix it well.
3. Add Flour, cocoa powder, pinch of salt and baking powder in the 3rd bowl and mix it well.
4. Slowly add dry ingredients in the cake mixture and keep whisking with a hand whisk .
5. Pour the batter in the already greased pan.
6. Bake the cake at 170° C for 25 minutes in a pre-heated oven.
7. After 25 mins take out the cake from the oven and divide it in half.
8. With a brush, soak both layers of the cake with simple syrup. Don't over-soak the cake. (boil 1 part water and 1 part sugar, cool it down and then use).

For oreo cream layer and frosting:

Whipping cream


1.Whip 1 and a half cup of whipping cream.
2. Divide the cream in half
3. Add Oreo biscuits in half of the cream and whip the cream again for a minute.
4. In the other half of the cream, add pink food color.
5. Add Oreo cream in the middle of the two cake layers.
6. Cover the entire cake with whipped pink cream.
8. Decorate the cake according to your taste =)

      This is all for today,i hope you liked this post =) For more keep visiting my blog =)