Makeup Obsession Products - Review & Swatches


      Hello guys, i am back with another review. Today i am here to review Makeup Obsession products. Makeup Obsession products recently became available in Pakistan. Makeup Obsession offers variety of products like lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, eyebrow products etc. in pans so that you can customize your own makeup palette.

       You can have a look at the pans below.  You can keep the products in pans as well if you feel like it, i would personally suggest you to go for a palette as it is easier to use products in a palette and it also saves time when you are in a hurry.  Makeup Obsession offers 2 sizes of palettes. Medium sized palette can contain 6 products whereas large sized palette can contain 12 products. There is a variety of palette colors available as well. I got a black medium palette which can contain 6 products. 

The 6 products i have selected to create my own customized palette are following:

Highlighter - Lightening

This beauty is my favourite product. It is a gorgeous  white and golden powder highlighter.

Contour Powder - Medium

It is a warm toned contour powder. It is a perfect brown shade for Pakistani skin tone and it blends beautifully. 

Blush - Honey

It is a gorgeous peach blush with an orange undertone. It does have shimmer in it as well which looks absolutely beautiful in summer.

Highlight - Peach

This highlighter is very subtle. It blends beautifully and looks very natural on my skin tone.

Blush - Nude

This blush is a brownish peach blush with pink undertone. 


Banana - Cream

This banana cream is a perfect yellow shade for brightening your under eyes. It also blends beautifully.


Final Verdict

Firstly,  I really like the idea of customizing my own palette. Finally i can have all my favourite products in one palette. The overall packaging of the palette is sturdy and gorgeous. The medium sized palette which i got has a huge sized mirror as well , which is super helpful. I also like the idea of  being able to read the names of the products under the palette.  I absolutely love all the products, they glide on smoothly, are easily blendable and gives a perfect finish. I will definitely buy some eyeshadows and other highlighters as well from Makeup Obsession.   One small problem i faced while holding the palette is, pans kept on popping out. Other than this small issue, i love the concept behind Makeup Obsession and i'm enjoying these products to the fullest. =)


Below you can see the swatch of the Highlighter in shade Lightening on my cheek bone and inner corner of my eye:


Large Palette - 1100 PKR
Medium Palette - 800 PKR
Highlighters, Blushes, Contours &  Banana Powder/Cream  - 400 PKR each
Eyeshadow & Lipsticks - 270 PKR 


This is all for today, i hope you liked this post. Kindly post your suggestions and comments in the comment section below. Thankyou for visiting =)