Zaful's Haul - Review and Photos


     Hello guys, today i am here to share my Zaful's haul. I ordered two products from Zaful this time and i am in love with them. Checkout my Zaful's wishlist HERE . The two products i have ordered from Zaful are following:

1. Hollow Out Metal Chain Tote Bag
2. PU Leather Roman Numerals Quartz Watch

Hollow Out Metal Chain Tote Bag

      I am so so happy that i picked this gorgeous tote bag. I chose this bag in white color and i think it is absolutely stunning. This bag is not completely white, it is more of off-white than white. It is a very spacious bag and is made up of an excellent quality material. Size of the bag is also really good it is neither too small nor too large. 

The thing i like the most about this bag is the metal golden chain to hang it with the shoulder. I think this metal chain gives this bag a very luxurious look. I absolutely adore everything about this bag and this bag is priced at $37.72 on Zaful's website.

PU Leather Roman Numerals Quartz Watch

The next product i ordered was the above shown PU Leather watch. I ordered this watch in color Khaki. The color of the band is Khaki whereas the watch itself is golden. This watch is an analog and a digital watch. I am really impressed with the quality of this watch. I wear this beauty everywhere now. You can get this watch for just $5.64. If you want a white watch , you can checkout the entire range of white watches on Zaful's website.

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     This is all for today, i hope you guys liked my post and haul. For more, please keep visiting.