Borntree Skincare Products Review


Hello everyone , today I am here to review two products from a brand called Borntree

While reading the brand story about Borntree I found out that their laboratory is in the forest which I found very interesting. Their products are cruelty free and naturally derived.

The two products I am going to review today are:

1) Borntree Birch Avenue Essence
2) Borntree Gold Milk Steam Cream

Borntree Birch Avenue Essence

Product Claims

This product claims to be super moisturizing. It carries super premium moisture care ingredient called Difensil, developed and supplied from Switzerland. It calms sensitive skin and helps reinforce weak skin barrier to create moisture filled glowing skin immediately.

Main Ingredients

1) Cardiospermum Halicacabum flower extract which relieves dryness.
2) Echium Plantaginueum Seed Oil which protects skin from damage due to external irritation.
3) Birch water helps to hydrate and protect skin.


The product comes in an outer cardboard packaging. I absolutely love the ice blue color they chose for the packaging. It is very pleasing to the eyes. The outer cardboard packaging has all the information about the product and its ingredients mentioned on it.

The essence itself comes in a beautiful glass bottle. The glass itself is transparent but has a beautiful gradient on it which makes the product look really expensive. 

The bottle cap is also very uniquely designed. The embossed 'B' on the cap adds to the beauty of the glass bottle. When you open up the cap, there is a small hole which helps you take out little drops of essence. 2-3 drops of essence are enough to cover up your entire face.



     I for one love skincare products with fragrance in them. I know some people find this odd because fragrances in skincare don't really do anything and such products are not really preferred by many but I don't know why, I enjoy products even more when they smell good. They help me relax. This essence has a beautiful fragrance to it which I absolutely love.


The consistency of this essence is runny but it does have volume to it. I don't know how to explain this but it is not as runny as water. 

My final Verdict

I have been using this essence for three weeks now and I absolutely love it. It absorbs into the skin really quickly leaving the skin soft and supple. I have been using this essence day and night because it doesn't make my skin look greasy or oily at all. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and makes application of makeup products easier as well.

I will continue using this essence throughout summers as it really has become my favorite essence in a short amount of time. Best part about this essence is that it didn't cause any breakouts or any sort of bad reactions on my face.



Borntree Gold Milk Steam Cream

Product Claims

    It is a protein moisturizing cream. Its nourishing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin for long-lasting moisture. 

Main Ingredients

1) Goat Milk contains precious skin minerals and is loaded with vitamins. It helps in anti-aging, hydrating and brightening skin.
2) Donkey Milk has powerful anti-aging properties. The fatty acids lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
3) Horse Fat has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to repair the barrier of the skin.
4) Shea Butter has natural vitamins and fatty acids which provides nourishment and moisture to skin.


Borntree Gold Milk Steam Cream comes in a cardboard outer packaging. The cardboard packaging of this product is also ice-blue. All the instructions and ingredients are mentioned on the cardboard box. 

The cream itself comes in a huge white plastic container. I really like the minimalistic design on the container. This container consists of 200g of product.


     This cream does have a smell to it but it is very faint. I don't mind the smell at all. It smells somewhat like milk/butter and not fruity or floral which makes sense as it has goatmilk, donkey milk and shea butter in it. 


The texture of the cream is thick but not as thick as Nivea cream. It does melt into the skin easily, leaving the skin moisturized.


My Verdict

I have been using this cream at night time since past 3 weeks. I have absolutely loved using it because I have dry skin and it really makes my skin feel smooth and soft. I wake up to baby like soft skin in the morning and I absolutely love that feeling. I don't use this cream during day time because it really is nourishing so it can make your face look oily in scorching heat. I think this cream is perfect for using at night and in winters. 

I have been using this cream constantly for three weeks and I didn't have any breakouts because of it considering it is a milk product. I will continue using it at night for soft and smooth skin. 



     Overall  I am super impressed by both products and I would recommend everyone to try them. Both products can be used for any skincare type but they work amazing for people with dry skin. 

This is all for today, for more information about the products please visit HERE or HERE