Neulii BHA PHA 5.5 Peeling Pad Review


Hey everyone, i am back with another review. Today I am here to review Neulii's BHA PHA 5.5 Peeling Pads from RoseRoseSho p

Main Ingredients

   1) BHA 0.5% + PHA 5% = BHA PHA 5.5%

If you have no idea about what BHA or PHA is then please visit my instagram post HERE , i have explained it briefly. 

2) The cotton pads used to soak the essence are made up of 100% pure cotton. It does contain cotton powder as well but it doesn't affect the product in any way.


      The packaging of this product is very minimalistic. The outer packaging is made up of white cardboard and the product itself comes in a sturdy transparent plastic container. The information about the product and the ingredients are clearly mentioned on both outer and inner packaging. 

Neulii's BHA PHA 5.5 Peeling Pads Claims 

1) To hydrate and nourish skin. 
2) To remove sebum and dead skin cells. 
3) To reduce excessive sebum.

       There are total 70 cotton pads soaked in essence in one container. The product itself has very mild smell to it. The cotton pads are really soft and are soaked in good amount of essence. 

Final Verdict

     I have been using this product for a long while now. Honestly, i have been very impressed by it. I have used these cotton pads sometimes even on daily basis for cleansing my skin after a tiring day. After cleansing my face with facewash , i use these cotton pads to double cleanse and trust me they help me clean all the gunk from my pores very easily. These cotton pads also helped me get rid of all the dry patches on my skin in winters. Though i prefer using these cotton pads at night so that the essence can sink deep into my skin but using these cotton pads before applying makeup is also an amazing idea. These cotton pads help smooth out the skin ,making the foundation glide on skin smoothly. One thing i have loved about these cotton pads is that they didn't irritate my skin at all nor did they make my skin super sensitive. I find them very hydrating and soothing.


Always use sunblock when you go out in the sun especially when using products which have AHA, BHA or PHA in them.

Overall, i am super impressed with the product and I will keep using it to keep my skin hydrated and texture free. 


11,900 WON/10.43$

For more information about the product, please visit HERE and HERE. This is all for today, i hope you find this post helpful. Thankyou so much for visiting.