Benton's Pore Clear Brush Review


     Benton is a well known Korean Skincare brand which I am sure you are all well aware of by now. I have reviewed their products on my blog before as well. Kindly check the reviews HERE and HERE . Today I am here to review their latest product launch which is Benton's Pore Clear Brush.

     Benton's Pore Clear Brush takes waste and sebum out from deep inside the pores.  4,000 silicone bristles of 0.4mm effectively remove all the impurities inside pores that we can't see with our eyes. Air cushion type antibacterial silicone brush allows smooth and delicate cleansing.

1. Silicone Bristles help to eliminate impurities  e v e n from inside the small pores .
2. Gentle and hypo-allergenic cleansing  alongside facial curves  by giving suitable power  by pumping air.
3. Washable & antibacterial silicone material is hygienic so you don't have to worry about bacteria growth.
4. This pore fairy helps you to have flawless skin texture by delicate cleansing.

My Verdict

      This pore clear brush comes in a plastic transparent box. The brush itself looks really beautiful. The silicone bristles are pink in color and are very soft. I like the way the bristles feel on the skin. Before you pump air into the silicone brush the bristles lay flat and after pumping the air the bristles take a dome shape. 

      I have posted a video on instagram to demonstrate how you pump air into the brush using the handle. The handle of the brush makes it easier for the user  to have a firm control over th e  brush. The more air you pump into the brush the more the bristles will become firmer.

      I use the brush by pumping maximum air into the silicone brush and then massage my face with the brush. I usually use a cleansing foam for deep cleansing with this brush but sometimes I just use my normal face wash as well. It works both ways and honestly I love how my skin feels soft and smooth afterward. After cleansing, I rinse out the brush thoroughly with water. 

      To deflate the brush back to normal I use the self-adhesive plate which comes with the brush. You just need to attach it on the tile or mirror and then place the brush's handle onto the plate and push it in and it will deflate the brush.

       Overall I am super impressed with the brush, it has improved my skin texture a lot.  It takes my makeup off so well as well so I will definitely recommend this brush to you guys.  I haven't used any other cleansing tool so far so this was the first time I have used any skincare tool and I am absolutely loving it.

      This is all for today, I hope this review helped you. For more information about the product please visit HERE. 

This product was sent to me by Benton in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

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Benton's Pore Clear Brush Review

     Benton is a well known Korean Skincare brand which I am sure you are all well aware of by now. I have reviewed their products o...