Daily Essentials Haul =))


Hello lovelies,

     Today was a tiring day, right now i am exhausted, but thought of writing this post. I will try to be more active here from now onwards =))
    Went to Madina Cash n Carry for buying Daily Essentials with Mama. The above shown items are what i purchased for myself =p

 Loreal Paris recently launched 6 oil nourish range, so i had to buy it.

 I bought Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish (Nourishing shampoo- Scalp + Hair) 360ml , which is priced at 320 PKR.

Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish (Nourishing Conditioner- Scalp + Hair)  is priced at 220 PKR.

I also bought Nestle Fruita Vitals carton (24 pcs), it cost me 610 PKR.

Next i bought Tapal Green Tea Lemon two packs (i have it everyday after aftaar), each pack have 30 teabags , it cost me 90 rs each, which means 180 PKR in total.

 As i have told my followers on instagram that i am in love with Clean & Clear morning energy energizing lemon facewash, so i bought it again, i buy it every month and will always buy it , IN LOVE WITH THIS. My badluck that i couldn't find the medium or large bottle of this, so instead i bought two small sized one, as i had no choice. These two cost me 240 PKR, which means it cost me 120 each =)
I also bought 3 lux soft touch soaps , which cost me 112 PKR.

 Next i bought my love, Ponds White beauty cream. I buy it every month since it launched. It is the first cream that actually suits my skin <3 I always buy it  in tube, so that i don't have to worry about, it being dry. I bought two tubes, it cost me 190 PKR.

I also bought New look Suave Naturals Creamy (milk & honey splash) body wash. It cost me 270 PKR.

Poison body spray cost me 215 PKR.

Lastly i bought, Fashion edition, Sunsilk black shine, which cost me 299 PKR AND Astonish Aloe Vera hand wash, which is of only 180 PKR =))

That's it, i made the post long so that i can share my own experience with few products and to give the exact price =))

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