Four Days Of Eid


Hello lovelies,

     Today i will share my eid week, which was spent well ♡♡♡

      I went shopping for eid just two days before eid. I thought this time around i will try some new shops in Jinnah Super,so i did. If you have seen the bodyshop shop , u might have checked out the shops infront of that. I just loved the variety they had. I bought three suits from the CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUE , and three from BARIRA and one from the shop at the end, i forgot the name :(( I haven't taken pix of all of them, as two of them needs cleaning =p

      On the first day of eid i made Sawaiyaan and microwaved oreo cake ,which wasss yummmmmm ♡♡

     On the second day, we planned to go to lake view, we decided to go at the back of the lake view, but we couldn't reach there, because of traffic jam :'(( so we took the route from bani gala and after 2 and a half hours of all the khwaari, we reached home. The day ended well, i spenT it with my cousins , we had afghani tikka at night , which i am a sucker for. At night we went to Hotspot for some meetha/sweetdish :))

    On the third day i watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan and i loved it so much,that i am going to watch it again soonish. 

     Finally on the fourth day, we went to Monal, as traffic was much less. The view from Monal was breathtaking ♡♡♡ Enjoyed a lot, took so many photos :)))


      This is how i spent my eid. I hope u enjoyed my post. If you did, please leave a comment below and share your eid experience as well, i would love to read it  ♡♡