Pizza Hut i-8 outlet & Big Dipper Pizza Launch


     Hello Guys ! On 20th August 2016, Pizza Hut had a grand celebration at the new i-8 outlet of Pizza Hut. The celebration was not just for the outlet but also for the launch of their Big Dipper Pizza.The event was managed by Fanatix Events and PR and i was invited as a blogger to celebrate the launch party and review Big Dipper Pizza.The event was very well managed by the PR team.  

     The launch started at 7 and i reached there exactly at 7 because the new outlet is just a few steps away from my house. The outlet looks amazing from inside. I loved all the balloon decorations as well. The main party was upstairs, the place is quite spacious so i didn't feel claustrophobic because of the crowd.


     After few minutes, we were served cold drinks. At exactly 8 , Tony Ozanne, Chief Operating Officer of Pizza Hut gave a small speech regarding the new Big Dipper Pizza. According to him "Big Dipper is 24 slices of awesomeness". After his speech we were served the most talked about, Big Dipper Pizza. Big Dipper Pizza includes 24 slices of pizza with 4 dips: Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ.

      My table was served only 2 dips with the pizza. Co-incidentally Sir Tony came to our table just when we were being served to ask if we were liking the pizza, he saw two dips and asked the waiter to serve us all four dips. The waiter served us one more and said "we are out of fourth dip". I find it very odd that they were out of the fourth dip on the launch of BIG DIPPER but i let it go.

     Big Dipper pizza tasted delicious , it tasted totally different from their usual Pizza. I tried out each dip and loved the idea of having different taste in my mouth with every bite. I wasn't served the creamy ranch dip so i can't tell how it tastes. But rest of the three dips were amazing, my favourite is Chipotle BBQ dip. With the pizza, a delicious refreshing drink was served.  I believe it was a mixture of green tea, lemon juice, mint and 7up . 

      At the end of the event all the bloggers were given a goodie bag each. You can checkout the goodie bag contents below:


     I would really recommend you guys to try this pizza out, each dip gives a different taste , so you can basically enjoy different flavors when you only buy one pizza =)

Availability :

    It is available at all Pizza Hut branches in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. I am not so sure about other cities.You can also order it Online.

    I hope you liked my post, please leave your comments and suggestions below in the comments box =)