Pizza Hut - Pizza Pocket Review


      Hello guys, today i am here to share a very small review with you guys. Few weeks back i got a chance to taste Pizza Hut's latest launch i.e. Pizza Pocket. As i was busy with my exams i couldn't share my review with you guys, so finally here it is:

     Firstly i would like to say that i really like this idea of pockets as you can eat it easily even in your car while reaching your destination without fearing any fallout, so basically there is no need of any plate for this ;)

     If you are someone like me who feels hungry after every hour and you don't want to eat something too heavy in-between regular meals, you should definitely try pizza pockets. Pizza pockets are small but they can easily satisfy your hunger especially when you are getting late and don't have time to cook something for yourself. It is a perfect meal on the go. 

I was sent two Pizza Pockets and both Pizza pockets were cooked well and tasted delicious. Pizza Pocket comes in two flavours: Garlic Butter & BBQ. I ordered BBQ flavour as i love BBQ and trust me, it tasted absolutely delicious. 

      You can buy this Pizza Pockets for just RS 195 which is the cheapest price ever ! If you want a drink to go with it, you can get the deal for just 235 PKR. Overall, i would like to say that i will definitely order them again whenever i feel slightly hungry and i am too lazy to cook ;) 

      I would really recommend you all to try it, i am sure you will like it. Also share your views with me , i would love to read them. 

     For more information please visit Pizza Hut website or find them on Facebook & Instagram .
This is all for today, please keep visiting for more =)