Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Collection 2015


     Hello guys i am back with another post,i am sure all of you have already seen the jaw dropping pictures and posters of new cambric collection of Satrangi, and most of you have already gotten your hands on them. Yes, i am a little late in posting about it, but if you haven't, here i am with a post for you guys. Checkout some of my favourites from the collection, which I am sure all of you will absolutely love =)

      Don't just stare at them, you can buy them sitting at your home, nationwide delivery is absolutely free =)) Visit Bonanza ONLINE to buy or drive yourself to the shop nearest you right now.
     Another thing, if you are following me on instagram, you might be aware i have collaborated with one of my favourite brands for a giveaway on my instagram account and guess what YES IT IS Bonanza Satrangi !! This post was due since the launch of the new collection on 5th , which is way before i thought of collaborating with them, i truly am loving every single piece. I have my eyes on the one in the picture below, and hoping to get my hands on this one soon I.A =))

     About the giveaway, all the rules are mentioned on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK account, if you have not participated yet, do it right now, for your chance to win.

     To buy visit Bonanza , you can also get all the updates about Satrangi Cambric collection 2015 on their FACEBOOK page and INSTAGRAM account. Thankyou so much for reading this, which one is your favourite from the collection, do share your opinions in the comment box below =)