DIY- Homemade Face Mask


     Hello lovely readers, today i am sharing with you a homemade face mask for smooth and soft skin.


  • Turmeric (Haldee)
  • Gram Flour (Besan)
  • Milk
     That is it. Only three ingredients which are easily available everywhere. 

  • Take an empty bowl and spoon.
  • Mix 1 tsp of Gram flour and less than half tsp of turmeric together.
  • Pour 1 tsp of milk in it and mix well. (You can add more milk if you want a thin paste or more Gram flour if you want a thick paste). It is better if the paste is thick otherwise it will slip off your face and you will have a lot of mess to clean up.
How to use:

     Apply the paste on your face with your fingers. Leave it on your face until it dries or you can wash it after 15 minutes.

Be Careful:
  • Turmeric is good for skin,it has many advantages, but it can be harmful if it is too strong,so before applying the paste on your face, test it on your arm. 
  • Turmeric which you will be using should not be too strong that it leaves you all yellow =D
  • Don't apply the mask on your eyelids,as it can slip into your eye.
  • Incase of any skin irritation or contact with the eyes, wash thoroughly.
My own experience:

     Don't be scared of the above precautions =p I have been using it for a long time and i use more turmeric than Gram flour still i have never felt any irritation nor have i ever been yellow. My skin feels fresh and soft after the use.   
     That's it for today,if you guys have any homemade masks or home remedies, don't forget to share it with me in the comments below. Your comments will be highly appreciated =)