Archive Rentals - Rental Company & Event Design House


Hello guys, i am here with another post.  Today i am here to introduce you to a company i.e.  Archive Rentals . Archive Rentals is a rental company and an event design house. They are known for their fine specialty rentals including tables, dining chairs, tabletop, lounge, ceremony seating, backdrops and much more. 

     Archive rentals can make any event worth attending with their aesthetically pleasing designs.  Though Archive rentals serve in California and have recently opened their new branch in Mexico, they can travel wherever you want them to, to make your event an event to remember. 

      Not every design team wins award for their designs and creativity so Archive rentals surely knows how to be someone's favorite rental company. They have worked with plenty of  well known companies and  have gotten all great reviews.  After looking at their stunning inventory of  items i sure was more than just impressed.

     Their sofas and chairs are beautiful.  Have a look at this chair below. This chair is called Montauk Chair.  It is super fabulous and have linen slip covers. Their  montauk chair rentals are very popular because they can give any event a comfortable and an elegant look.

     Other than the gorgeous chairs and sofas their farmhouse table rentals are also top notch. This antique ice cream table parlor set caught my eyes while going through their website and i think it is absolutely beautiful. 

     Now let me show you their mesmerizing arbors and backdrops. Arbors and backdrops can make any outdoor event charming. If you are planning any outdoor event, you should really check their arbors and backdrops, i am sure they will appeal to you as well.

     Their eye-catching arbors and backdrops are literally making me swoon. I need to get a groom on rent so that i can get Archive rentals to design my wedding !! (kidding). Guys if you are interested in making your event an event to cherish forever, you need to get Archive rentals to work for you. They have a very creative and thoughtful team who will cater to all your needs and help you give your event a personalized touch. 

      This company can make any event stunning and breathtaking. You can have a look at their website and decide it yourself. Their website is also very interactive, descriptive and user friendly. You can easily explore all the categories and add everything you are interested in , in your wishlist.  For more information , please contact .

     This is all for today, i hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed writing it. Have a nice day and keep visiting for more.