Kiluca's Kookies - Review & Photos


     Hello lovelies, today i am here to share some yummy photos and review with you guys. A few days back, owner of Kiluca's Kookies contacted me to try out her cookies and review them on my blog. She was very sweet and I actually enjoyed the conversation with her. 

     Kiluca's Kookies is an Islamabad based homemade cookies business. You can buy a box of 2 cookies, 4 cookies or a customized box of cookies for someone special from Kiluca's Kookies.


    These cookies came in a plastic box and the box itself was tied with a ribbon, which i really liked. The warning sign on the box was a really cute touch to the packaging as well. 


     I got a box of two cookies. Both cookies had a cadbury chocolate piece in the middle and were bigger than usual cookies in size. Before i even opened the box, i was able to smell the chocolaty cookies. After opening the box i had to wait and take the pictures before i devoured them. Trust me that wait was worth it, these cookies were super delicious. They were crunchy on the outside and gooey and chewy on the inside, exactly the way i like them. I took a bite and couldn't stop so ate both of them all by myself like a bhooki ! 

     As you all might already know that i love baking and have a sweet tooth , so these cookies were definitely a treat for me. Quantity of sugar in these cookies was perfect, which is the actual reason i enjoyed them. Plus, that Cadbury chocolate in the middle made them even more delicious. 

     Though i was sent these cookies , it doesn't mean that i have to lie for it (nobody got time to lie for cookies =p). I actually mean it, i really liked them and would love to steal her recipe =p If you are someone living in Islamabad , i would really recommend you guys to try them once. I am 100% sure , you will like them. For more information or to order , please visit HERE  or HERE .