How to wear Fashion Shrugs


      Hello guys, i hope you all are well. Today i am going to talk about shrugs and how to style/wear them. If you don't know what shrugs are then let me tell you, shrugs look a lot like jackets but they are not as thick as jackets. Shrugs are fashionable and trendy, they can give a new and classy look to any outfit. Whenever something is trendy , it means it is available online so basically you can easily buy shrugs online .

     There are many ways in which you can style/wear a shrug, so in today's post i am going to tell you  how to wear shrugs  in different ways. As the weather in Pakistan is still a bit hot, net shrugs are the best choice for you. They look flawless on anyone in summers. They let the air in and are not at all bulky as to make you sweat. They are light and flattering. You can totally rock a net shrug over a t-shirt paired with jeans.

    You can change the entire look of an outfit by just the addition of a shrug. In summers you can also rock short shrugs. Short shrugs hang effortlessly on the shoulders and you can fold the sleeves upwards so that it will only hide away your upper arm. They look great on dresses, short shirts and even on lehngas.
     Shrugs are never out of season , they can be worn in any season. As winters are going to be arriving soon, you can surely rock shrugs in winters as well. In winters shrugs can keep you warm without feeling bulky. You can pair a long shrug which have long sleeves with a pair of skinny jeans and shirt and you are all set.

     Short shrugs can be worn in winters as well because of their long sleeves. They can be worn with long shirts and cigarette pants in winters to keep you warm and light. Throw a shrug over any lame outfit and you can cover up your fashion mistakes easily.

     Shrugs can we worn over anything and everything, casually or formally with eastern or western clothes. This is all for today, i hope you liked my post, leave your comments and suggestions below, they will be highly appreciated.