PAL Winter Linen Shawl Collection - My picks & Review


Hello Guys, today i am here to talk about Pal Winter Linen Shawl Collection which has recently launched. To know more about PAL please visit my previous post HERE. As winters are just around the corner, everyone will surely be buying winter clothes and warm shawls. Pal Linen Collection is perfect for winters, the best part about this new collection are the shawls for sure. Plus the entire PAL Linen collection is appealing to eyes. Here are few of my favorites from the collection:


Every Linen shirt piece from this collection has embroidery in the front and is printed at the back. Printed shawls from this collection are really appealing. This collection has total 10 suits. Every suit has a printed shawl, embroidered shirt and a plain trouser. 


My Verdict

Din Lifestyle team was generous enough to send me a suit from this new Linen Shawl collection. To be honest when i saw this suit online , i overlooked it. Somehow i found other suits more appealing. To my surprise this suit is absolutely beautiful. I am loving the color combination. When it comes to yellow as a color, i am not a big fan, but i am glad this yellow shade is neither too bright nor too dull, it is simply a perfect shade of yellow. 

Front of this shirt has an embroidered neck and a printed border. Whereas the back is completely printed.

Front Border


Plain Trouser

Overall, i love the suit i got. I really like the color combination and the warm cozy shawl. For the price of 2,490 PKR , this suit is amazing. The quality of the cloth is really good and the shawl is really warm and soft. I would definitely recommend you guys to checkout the site and get yourself  a new suit for winters. 

     This is all for today, for more information please visit DLS website. Don't forget to share your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below =)