Kawaii Box - Review & Giveaway


     Hey guys today i am reviewing Kawaii Box. Kawaii box is a monthly subscription box which contains very cute items from Japan and Korea. Each Kawaii box consists of 10-12 super cute and Kawaii items. You can subscribe to Kawaii box HERE for only $19.80/ month. One thing great about this subscription box is that they provide free delivery worldwide.

    The box inside which the items came was super cute with pink hearts on it and it also had a "Kawaii Box " logo on it. Sadly, i didn't take its picture because the box was totally smashed when it reached me. Good thing is the items were safe and sound. This time around the box had total 11 Kawaii items. As soon as i opened the box i saw a card which said thankyou in the front and had a list of items in the box, at the back. All the items were laid neatly inside a pink tissue wrap.

 Pokemon Ramune Candy & Krace Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit

     These two items from the box were edible. The small pack had few candies in it, which tasted like calcium pills. The other candy kit had some instructions on the back which i had to follow inorder to create my own candy. One thing which i didn't like about these edible items was that the instructions were all in Japanese so i had to translate them using an app before eating.
 Rabi- Dango Plush

    I absolutely loved this Rabi - Dango Plush. It is white , cute and soft. And i love everything which is cute and soft. I still have my stuff toys and i have them everywhere in my room =D

I Love You Purse

This Purse is so cute and adorable and i am so happy that this box had this purse in it as i actually wanted a mini purse (I love cute stationary and items for real). I am definitely going to use it for keeping my keys and change !!

Happy Day Notebook Set

    This notebook set is very cute but i don't think it is for adults =p so i passed this onto my little cousin. For little girls it is a really cute item, i always liked such items when i was little.
Pastel Cupcake Pen

     This cute cupcake pen is adorable with little hearts on it and a cupcake at the end. Who doesn't love cute stationary ?? I love it !
Invisible Secret Pen Set

     This secret pen set is very unique. I really liked the whole idea behind this set. My little cousin is really enjoying it. When you write on a paper with this pen nothing shows up on the paper unless you use the led light at the back of the pen to read what is written =D This set is really fun and it also comes with a little magnifying glass.
Harajuku Hairloop set

    This cute hairloop set was also passed down to my cousin. She looks so cute with these in her head.
Diamond Deco Stickers & Sweet Animal Spaarkle Stickers

      I was a serious sticker collector when i was little. My little cousin is really enjoying these unique stickers. 
Dream & Explore Notebook

This  notebook is beautiful , it is tiny but thick. It has a beautiful cover. I kept this notebook for myself along with Rabi-Dango plush and I love you Purse.

     Overall i find this box very cute and adorable. This box offers items of stationary, plushes , purses and candies. I believe the box is very reasonably priced. For an adult who still likes stationary items and adorable stuff  , this box is quite good , whereas for children this box would definitely be amazing. No child will ever say no to this box for sure. 

     Good news for you all !!  Kawaii Box team was kind enough to give one of my readers a chance to win a cute Kawaii box. You need to enter through the Rafflecopter gadget  below to win a Kawaii box. This giveaway is open worldwide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

    For more information visit KAWAII BOX website. T his is all for today, i hope you liked my post. Please don't forget to enter the giveaway and also let me know which item from this box you liked the most ?