Skin18 Package 2 - Review


     Hello guys, today i am here to review another package sent to me by Skin 18 . To Know more about Skin 18 please visit my previous post HERE . My second package arrived 2 weeks ago , during which i have tried all the masks sent to me. This time around i was sent total 7 Korean beauty products, which includes: 5 masks, 1 nose strip and 1 vitamin hydrogel eye patch. 

     All these products came in a pink box, with a rose gold 'S' sticker on it. The box got squished during the shipping so i did not click its picture but it surely looked good. The products were wrapped really good, so none of the products got damaged during the shipping.

My Verdict

Cracare Anti- Aging Snail Reparing Mask
     The very first mask i tried was this mask. This mask is used for skin lightening and firming. It is a three step anti-aging mask. As this is an anti-aging mask , my mother was very happy to see it. The instruction on the pack were not in english but i found all instructions on Skin 18 website very easily. I absolutely loved the smell of this mask.The mask is very easy to use. First step of this mask is to apply the anti-aging active ampule, i applied it on my mother's face quite moderately. A lot of ampule was left, so i used it on my own face as well and washed it after 15 minutes ;) 

     Second step of this mask is to apply the Anti-Aging mask. I applied the mask on my mother's face and let it sit for 30 minutes. While she had the mask on, she said "I feel very relaxed and it smells great".  After 30 minutes she washed her face. After washing, i applied an anti-aging night cream (3rd step) on her face and she slept with it on. In the morning,  honestly i felt a lot of difference in her skin and skin tone. I have never seen results after only using a mask once, but this mask did the trick somehow. You can buy this mask for only $ 2.90 from HERE .  

 Beauty Friends II - Essence Mask Sheet Pack

      This mask have all natural ingredients , which means no chemicals are used in this mask. I really like the way these masks are folded and locked inside these packages. The mask inside the pack was folded very carefully. It was very easy to unfold the mask and apply it on my face.

     As winters are arriving soon and it has started to get chilly outside, my skin has started to dry even more than usual. I applied this mask on my broken and dry skin , it gave my skin a cooling effect and had no side effects at all. It made my skin smooth(not saying it made my dry patches invisible, but it did hydrate my skin) and soft. Plus this mask smells heavenly !! You can get this mask for only 0.95 from HERE

Luke- Mugwort Nose Strip

     I got this nose strip in my last package as well and it gives really good results, you can read my review HERE . You can buy this nose strip HERE for only 0.65 $.

Luke- Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch

     This eye patch is used for refreshing and hydrating the under eye area. I peeled off the patch from the plastic liner and applied it under my eye area. This eye patch adheres strongly , so it does put a bit of pressure on the waterline and pushes it upwards, so it is better to keep your eyes closed and relax for a while. 

      The results are not very noticeable as it did not reduce my under eye circles but it did refresh and hydrate my under eye area. You can get this eye patch from HERE , for only 1.80 $ .
Inoface Modeling Cup Pack (Peppermint)

      This cup pack has powder mask in it. It also comes with a spatula inside. According to the instructions you are supposed to add water inside the cup and mix. I thought the product inside can be used more than once so i took some of the powder outside from the pack and mixed it with water.

      I started applying the mixture on my face, as i was only half way through my face, the mixture started to thicken like a jelly and was being difficult to apply. So I applied it quickly. The only thing i didn't like about this mask is that it becomes impossible to apply very quickly. This mask is very easy to take off but be careful not to peel it and throw it in the sink as it will clog your sink ! This mask is really good for oily skins, so my sister is enjoying this mask. 

     She has used this mask thrice and is really happy with the results, as it keeps her skin oil at bay for a long while. I got total 4 uses out of this pack. You can get this modeling cup pack from HERE for $ 5.40.

Mango Yogurt Pack

       Firstly,this mango yogurt pack smells nothing like mangoes =p It is a wash off cream type mask. I applied this mask on my face and massaged it gently into my skin. This mask has very light smell. To be honest after the wash,i didn't see much of a result. 

     It hydrated my skin a bit but it didn't sooth down my skin. My skin felt almost the same as it was before the use =( Well with just one use, results are never that obvious and the results vary from skin to skin. You can get this mask HERE for only 0.95$.

     This is all for today, i hope you liked my review. For more info regarding SKIN 18, please visit HERE. Also leave your comments and suggestions below and i would love to read them =)